The Adelaide Benevolent Society

The Adelaide Benevolent Society has a long history of helping people get back on their feet; most notably through the depressed years of the late 1880s and 1890s and during the world wars of the early 20th Century.

Officially known as the Adelaide Benevolent and Strangers’ Friend Society Inc., we are an independent and financially sustainable social enterprise that was founded in 1849 and become an incorporated association in 1968.

In the days before government assistance, South Australian’s in need could turn to the Adelaide Benevolent Society for financial or housing assistance.  And despite the advent of Government assistance we have always found there to be a need for our services and a gap in what Government and the private rental market provide.

What we do

Since renting and subsequently buying our first cottages in 1869, the Adelaide Benevolent Society has steadily grown its property portfolio to around 250 houses and units across Adelaide by reinvesting financial surpluses in more housing solutions. These properties are rented out at 25% below market rates to low-income individuals, families and new arrivals to the state.

Safe and secure housing and the ability for people to get back on their feet and participate in their community is something Adelaide Benevolent Society is committed to helping more people achieve.

If you would like to learn more about the history of the Adelaide Benevolent Society, then you may wish to purchase a copy of The History of the Adelaide Benevolent and Strangers’ Friend Society 1849-2012.

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The History of the Adelaide Benevolent and Strangers' Friend Society 1849-2012

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